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Quest 324

Mm. It's August 2nd again, isn't it.

There's a story I tell every year on August 2nd, you know: the one about the princess with the six brothers that were turned into swans, and how she spent six years in silence sewing shirts for them out of thistles, because the only way to break the curse was to go the whole time without ever smiling or laughing as she worked to make the shirts that would change them back. This is the fifth time now that I've found myself thinking of that story. And every year when I do, I think of how long of a time six years really is--it's only a few lines in a story, but living it out is something very different entirely, isn't it? I certainly don't think I could've managed it myself.

A dear friend of mine once told me, during her stay here, that the first year seems the longest of all, and every year after that seems to come faster and faster. On days like today, I do wish she were here, almost, just so that I could tell her she was right. Well, and because I miss her, of course. Five years certainly means a great deal of goodbyes, too.

Every year on this day, I find myself wondering what it is I'll do if I manage to run out six years, just the same as that princess with her swan brothers did. To think it's just one more year, now. What story will I tell on my anniversary if I should finally outlast her with my own time in the City?

Though I suppose by that point, perhaps, I could always start retelling a few of my own, instead. With all the changes we've seen lately, goodness knows there'll certainly be plenty of them.

[OOC: And with August 2nd comes Rosella's Polyversary--today marks five years she's been in the City! Thank you all for all the wonderful years of gameplay, Polyites! I'm hoping for many more still to come. ♥]
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[personal profile] othersdie 2013-08-05 09:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Do you want to leave?
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I can't imagine that--going home, reliving five years. Even if no one remembers the City when they leave, there must be something left over. Something subconscious.
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You are a bit old compared to when you first came here. Five years in the City... that will age you more than five years anywhere else.