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Quest 322

[Accidental Voice Post | Open Action]

[In the grand scheme of things, Rosella's actually been doing...well, comparatively speaking, relatively well for herself this month. Years and years of repeated admonishments from a variety of different friends during a variety of different circumstances have finally seemed to take hold; regardless of how much she's wanted at times to run here, adventure there, throw herself into this or that, and so on, she's instead opted to heed the advice they'd always given her and actually make a concerted attempt to not end up in a heap of trouble this time around.

It's been more difficult than she'd expected, and she hasn't precisely liked it, but she's done it--keeping her head relatively down, making every effort to stay out of trouble rather than flinging herself headfirst into it, avoiding the ongoing strife where she could and doing her best not to draw attention to herself where she couldn't.

And thus far it's worked. It's worked pretty well. She's kept the Blue Light going and done everything she could to fade unassumingly into the background, and that's worked.

Which is great, except that the hostile NPCs don't particularly seem to care whether she's been doing well or not. What they know is, she owns a local business that's changed hands several times over the years, she dresses strangely for a contemporary setting, and she carts around a miniature black dragon--all fairly telltale signs that nope, she's not one of them.

And, well. What do you get when you combine seething, hostile patrons with an establishment serving alcohol and a pretty incentive to target?]

Goodness, what are you--oh, don't, you stop that right now or I'll--!

[...Evidently, smashing glasses, angry customers, and thanks to the fighting and loud quarreling, quite possibly some avenging City Watch members (and by extension, Anonymous forces? WHO KNOWS) on their way.


[OOC: Please feel free to come wade into the fray and/or orchestrate any skirmishes of your own in and around the Blue Light!]
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Do you need help?

[Maybe it's a stupid question, but this is the City. There's always a chance that this isn't what it sounds like.]
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[That sounds a lot like a yes.]

It could get worse. Fighting and vandalism are getting out of hand.
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Maybe it's a curse.

I'm going to send some [helpful NPC] officers to the Blue Light.
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It might be wiser than doing nothing, unless you can handle the situation.

Trouble's inescapable.