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o1, video & action (mako & asami sato)—

[Mako really thinks, for a while here, that test driving a used Satomobile is going to be the best way to segue from a month of occasionally exchanging pleasantries to something more substantial. He's in the process of earning his license, so driving is important; and if there's one thing he knows about his ex-girlfriend, it's that she knows cars.

In other words, this is perfectly impersonal.

But things never work out perfectly, do they? Mako notices that the sky is transforming from sunny to overcast in a matter of odd minutes, and then the Satomobile begins to act strangely. It's like his hands are irrelevant to the steering wheel. In fact, he tests it by lifting up his palms just an inch. It's moving on its own.]

Hey, Asami. I think something's wrong with the— [BLAM!!]

(video, showing just the inside of his pocket but the voices are clear as day.)

[A harsh jerk and a crunch of the metal frame cause him to bite the word out of his tongue. The seatbelt just barely saves him from knocking his head against the wheel. He tastes a tinge of something metallic as he opens his eyes to puffs of white powder settling on the distorted dashboard. The wind is knocked out of him but he doesn't waste time catching his breath.]

Are you alright?

[His passenger's first reply is a low moan as she slowly lifts her head, neck made tender by the sudden whiplash caused from impact. Asami opens her eyes a few moments later, using that time to gather her bearings and get a quick assessment of her body. Apart from an ache that's beginning to settle in where the seatbelt had bruised her shoulder and stomach, and a small cut from broken glass at her temple, she feels fine. ]

Fine... [Rather than ask the same of him, she opts to see it with her own eyes, looking him over critically. Once satisfied, she decides to glance around—

only to immediately jerk back in her seat, a large horse head jutting in from the broken window at her side. She sits stock still for a moment, but gradually begins to relax once she realizes it isn’t actually real... She knocks her hand against its snout curiously. Plastic.]
What happened? Where are we?

[Mako's attention turns to the intrusive plastic horse head, then he slowly glances ahead to see where it came from. He could make a good guess towards a carnival, maybe, but he doesn’t want to answer her that. That’s crazy.]

You've got to be kidding me... [He murmurs it under his breath. Scrunches his face and wipes thin blood off his lip. After taking a moment to melt the jammed car door just enough to loosen it for a good kick open, he climbs out of his seat to assess the damage. Whatever clunky thing that aggravates his thigh is haphazardly discarded from his pocket and onto the driver's side car seat, mistaken for some piece of car.

For a good moment, he just stands there staring at the hood that scrunches up to the shattered windshield, the pieces of broken carousel, the door he just wrecked even further for their own survival, and forget about the gaping bystanders. He jabs a thumb at the destruction.]

How did I not see this coming? [And, more importantly, how is he going to pay for this!?]

[There’s a faint murmur from Asami as Mako worries himself over the damages.] I think it’s safe to say there was nothing wrong with the car before... [The driver on the other hand...

With a sigh, Asami wrangles herself free from her seatbelt, but there’s nothing to be done about the seat itself. Whatever damages had happened to the front of the car had apparently jammed the mechanism that allowed her to adjust the seat. With no way out on her side, she turns to the driver’s side and attempts to crawl into the seat, hoping to escape the way Mako had. That’s when she notices the contraption that had fallen out, and for the moment their predicament is forgotten in favor of curiosity.]

Hey, what’s this...? [She picks it up, allowing the network a clear view of her face (and the plastic horse just behind her), which looks immediately bewildered upon seeing her reflection staring back at her. Wait — is that even her reflection? It looks too crisp, almost like a picture—]

I don’t remember this being standard issue at the Police Force.

(ooc: BASICALLY they drove out of nowhere into a chunk of the carousel. Feel free to approach them or get in touch via video/voice/text!)
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[The Police Force arrives!

Unfortunately, it arrives in the form of a single nonplussed twenty-something year-old who isn't even in uniform. With the rebellion in full swing, the Force is spread thinner than usual; something as mundane as a car crash doesn't warrant much attention.

The unimpressed (and unimpressive) plainclothes officer stops short of the vehicle and the two battered newcomers, doing his level best to avoid making anything remotely resembling eye contact with Korra.]

What happened here?
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[ to asami, justin looks like nothing more than a passer-by. a rather nosy passer-by, though by the look on his face, he doesn't even seem to want to be there. a reluctant busybody? seems a little counter-productive.

but his presence does well enough to capture asami's attention for the most part, even when things were just about to be ironed out (or at least laid out to be ironed out), and seriously she can't even be bothered to think about that measly cut on her head right now. ]

Just an accident. Can we help you?
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[CRAP. NO. NOT HIM. NOT HIM. Justin may look like a scrawny twerp but he kind of intimidates Korra. Why does he always have to be the one to show up when she's near trouble?

hissing at Asami] He's the police!

These people just got here.
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[ asami catches that hasty hiss, and can't help but arch a rather dubious brow at the young man. seriously? she says nothing, of course, sensible enough not to tempt fate, but the look on her face probably says it all... ]
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[OMG, Korra, it's not like he wants to deal with your shenanigans why do you hate him.

He addresses Asami. She looks annoyed; Justin can handle annoyed.]

Would you like directions to the hospital?
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A formal report isn't strictly necessary if you two were the only people involved.

[He glances at Korra warily, half expecting her to admit to doing something that would require a night or two behind bars.]

You should both go to the hospital. I'll have your... vehicle [is that a car? the horses take away from the car-ness] relocated.
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I know where it is. [Don't ask her how. Just don't.]
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I'll let Bei Fong know where the car is once it's moved.
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Hang on. [ asami holds up a hand, giving mako an even glare. specifically, she's eyeing the dried blood along his lips. ] I wasn't the only one in that car. You need to be looked at too.
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Yes, we're done! Very. Very. Done. Right? Let's get you on Naga and get you to the hospital. [big, fake, nervous smile at Justin]
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You're done. [He raises an eyebrow at Korra--No, seriously, why do you hate me--and turns his attention to the horse-entangled vehicle.] Thank you for your cooperation.
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[ because someone has to mention it.

asami looks between korra and justin. ]

Do you two know each other?
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Not really, no. [He's just arrested her multiple times.]
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[Oh, he and Korra know each other.

But Justin doesn't want to prolong this any more than they do, so he ignores them and goes through his list of contacts. Surely someone has superpowers that would help get this car out of the way...]