27 February 2014 @ 09:58 am
[ it takes him a while to work up to this, to figure out what "legend" to use and what to say that might give everyone hope and something positive to take out of this. even for a few minutes after he turns on the video, he sits in contemplative silence until finally choosing something to use to break that silence. ]

My people have a story, an ancient legend passed down through the generations. [ yes, kathryn. it's as much an ancient legend as that other one he told you so long ago. ] It's a story about a goose who was shot out of the air by a hunter. He was too injured to keep going and he fell to the ground under a grove of trees. Thinking his life would soon end, he closed his eyes and lay very still. The goose was surprised when he felt a small paw against his side. He opened his eyes to find a fox nudging him.

The fox examined the injured wing for a moment and then whistled. Fearing the worst, the goose closed his eyes again and let himself rest. The end would soon come and this would all be over. But the next thing he felt was a tiny, soft nose against his wing. Confused, the goose opened his eyes again and saw a hare. When she was done, she told the goose to move his wing. Still confused, the goose obeyed... and found that his wing didn't hurt anymore. The hare had healed him.

The goose slowly stood up. "Why did you help me? Why did you not eat me instead?"

The fox and the hare looked at each other. "We've been trapped for a long time," the hare explained. "It didn't seem right to leave you there."

The three of them worked and worked, but they couldn't escape. No matter what happened, what they did, the trees seemed to hold them there. They did their best to survive and believe that one day they would return to their homes. They talked every day and learned so much about each other that it seemed they'd known each other forever.

One day, the hunter finally arrived and decided to let them go. They were given a short time to say their farewells and because of what they had learned about each other, the goose, the hare, and the fox knew they would likely never see each other again. In tears, the hare tore off two tufts of fur. These turned into rabbit feet, which she told her friends would bring them good luck. The fox clipped off two of his claws, said to bring great strength to his friends. Feeling that his gift was the least useful, the goose plucked off two feathers and gave them to his friends, saying that when they needed help, these feathers would fly them to safety.

The three friends said their goodbyes and left, each returning to their homes and their families. Even though they never saw each other again, they always carried those gifts as reminders of the place where they had met and the strength and fortitude of those friendships.

[ he's silent for a minute to let that sink in before he takes a solemn breath and continues. ]

For every event, every action in our lives, there is a beginning and an end. It may not be tangible or easy to see, but both exist as a part of our very beings. These actions and occurrences shape who we are, the people we meet mold us into different people and we're never the same after it. Despite what might happen when we leave, we'll never forget each other and the gifts we have shared.
27 February 2014 @ 10:07 am

You know what? I'm ready to go home. If this is really it. Living here has been like treading water.

Best of luck to all of you. I hope... Wherever you end up, that it's where you need to be.
27 February 2014 @ 06:48 am
So it comes down to this, huh? A bunch of people wantin' to go home, but not wantin' to leave each other behind?

[He shakes his head, sighs, refuses to make eye contact with the camera. It's obvious that he's blinking back tears.]

I'm gonna miss every single one of you. Even the ones of you that I got into fights with, 'n believe me, I know that was more of you than it should've been. Thing is, I've been here for eighteen months now. I got a lot of memories. I don't wanna...

[This is ridiculous. He's not good at farewell speeches. He waves a hand.]

Anyway, forget about it. You wanna come say goodbye to me, or you wanna do it here, do it. This is fuckin' agonizin'.
27 February 2014 @ 12:15 pm
[So there's a long silent moment, where Mae faces the camera - pale-faced, a small smile painted on her lips for all times sake - looking ready to talk. Deliver one of her speeches. She opens her mouth to try -

Ends up scrambling for the device, and switching it straight to audio.]

I'm not ready to say goodbye. [More silence.] So what now?
26 February 2014 @ 11:55 pm
Shit. You'd think people would be drinking now of all times. This place is as dry as a grandmother's--

[ He stops himself, thinking better of the metaphor for the sake of limited time. ]

So that's it. Can't say it's been all roses and long walks on the beach, but I can't help get the feeling that this place has a way of growing on you. Maybe it just looks better when somebody's elbowing you out. You work, meet new faces...makes you wonder what it's all for if you're not gonna remember any of it.

[ He's not used to getting caught up with his words: they're usually explosive, maybe even to a fault. ]

Guess all I'm sayin' is good luck. Try to make yourselves useful somewhere, wherever you're going. If we ever meet again, not that we'd know it, maybe we can help each other out. I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off.

And if you've got a tab to settle, don't think you're out that easy. I've still got a little over 24 hours, and I'll be seeing you sooner than you think.

For Theo )
26 February 2014 @ 10:11 pm

I suppose that in the grand scheme of things, not many people have been given the opportunities that we've had. Whether traumatic, embarrassing or elating, I think I should probably be thankful for what I've had here. And more strangely than that, I truly am. [He smiles a bit wistfully, despite any flicker of the more troubling thoughts that have plagued him recently. Solomon knows very well what awaits him back home and he isn't quite so eager to meet it.]

A few final things before I go. And if anyone should wish to join me, I intend to revisit a few old haunts for some good food and finer wine. [Without the need for sleep, Solomon can afford to make the most of his situation.]

And to anyone I know that can't make it. Farewell~. It has been quite miraculous, hasn't it?

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26 February 2014 @ 09:58 pm
[Piglet stands with arms holding onto some very Precious handmade items he received as gifts from his Very Good Friends. It seems that he's hoping the new and considerably larger animals of the City either won't notice or will let him take a few souvenirs of his City friends home.]

N-not that I w-won't miss Everyone t-terribly. B-but I think Pooh and the others must be missing me. [He sniffles a little, wiping at his eyes with a particularly nice scarf.] But... d-does anyone know the way? I-I'm not quite sure where it is, you see.

[ooc: final goodbyes~ :( ]
26 February 2014 @ 11:10 pm
[ video ]

I don't know how to do this.

[It's Ginny voice, but she isn't in the frame. What you see is the living room of Building 12 #915, so thoroughly lived-in, so homey, photographs and cushions and slippers kicked off on the rug. A cat streaks across the floor and out of sight. There's a heavy exhale, shaky on the edges, then the feed cuts out.

When the image comes back, it's her bedroom with an empty suitcase on the bed. To be honest, it may very well remain empty. It's more ceremonial than anything, maybe. But Ginny's now walking in front of the camera, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at the floor with her hands curled into the blanket. When she speaks, it's low and steady but the real struggle is in her expression, which is why she'd hiding it for the most part.]

I've tried to go home for years. I've tried and failed for so long that I'm not even sure I can believe that this time'll be different, but it... It feels different, like everyone's—gearing up, packing up. Like the end of the school year. Only it isn't a holiday; we wouldn't be coming back, right? We can't.

I shouldn't want to. I've always said this place was the holiday. But it's... I mean, I couldn't help it after a while, could I, feeling attached? It became home. I hated that it did. Maybe it isn't home, maybe I meant that—that you lot made it home. It's been five years and I don't know how I can go back to a world where our times don't line up or where I've got magic and you haven't or...

[Or you're dead. Or haven't been born yet. Or you just don't exist.]

Bloody hell. [She inhales sharply, tipping her head back, composing herself. She isn't crying. She doesn't cry. But you can see the tightness in her jaw and shoulders, the flush across her cheeks, how determined she is to not look at the camera.] Gone home twice, never left time for goodbyes. Always gave a hard time to my friends who did the same to me. And now here we are and I'm mucking it up completely.

[Ginny falls silent after that, sitting for a long time. Then Sir Weatherby hoots softly off-camera and it shakes her from it, a fleeting smile passing over her lips as she glances over her shoulder at the owl.]

You're coming with me, of course. And the cats and the puffs.

[Finally, finally, Ginny looks at the camera, eyes bright and blazing, voice softer.]

And I know you lot can't. Home's a mess, even coming over to The Burrow for dinner wouldn't make all the rebuilding worth it. But please let me see you before we all head off, because... Well, if this is really it, I want to make sure— [Breathe, Ginny. She smiles.] If we're friends, we're family, too. I never let family off easily.

[ooc; please come say your goodbyes. thank you so, so much poly. it's been an honour and a joy. i love you.]
26 February 2014 @ 07:46 pm
[You know what you need, City? You need a break. You need a cat video. So have this adorable video of Mao sitting on Yin's piano, dozing just a little. He certainly doesn't notice Yin's other cat approaching until it's too late.]

26 February 2014 @ 07:38 pm
We're staying. The ones who came into the City to try and save it and set everyone free. Us, the Anonymous Movement. We're staying.

We talked to the Three Animals, the Animal Trinity, and they've accepted our offer.

We're going to stay and we're going to help repair the City from the damage we did to it. We're going to bury A here. And we're going to help the people for whom this is their world, their home world, to make the City their own. They're the real Cityzens. We're going to get things in place to help them take care of themselves and lead themselves. It's not going to be easy working with the Deities, not after all the stuff that went down. But they have their job and we have ours and we're not in this alone. And this is what feels right. This is what we decided we needed to do.

I tried to explain this to a few people before, but I'll say it here now: we're like the Deities. We're the same kind of...beings, I guess. That's how we were able to get into the City from outside like we did in the first place. They just have some different power behind them than we do. But that's all right, because we've got power of our own too.

We made a lot of promises to you. We promised to get rid of the Deities, which we did for a while. We promises to stop the curses, which we did for a while. We promised to make a way out of the City for everyone who wanted to go. And, in a kind of bassackwards way, I guess we did that too. I mean, there are Doors open all over Misery Square and you can go wherever you want to go now--anywhere. So I guess we kept our promises. But we also broke them. None of it was really the way we wanted. But we tried.

And I mean it when I say thank you to everyone who stood with us and who trusted us. We let you down sometimes--a lot of the time--but you stayed with us. And I want to thank everyone who stood against us too, because that just made us work harder. Every question, every doubt, all the suspicion against us, that just made us work harder to prove ourselves to you. We didn't make good on all our promises, but we tried. So thanks. And I mean it.

We're staying. And we're going to take care of the City and the people in it. This is our City now too. And we're going to watch over it.

[ooc: The NPC members of the Anonymous Movement will be staying in the City to help set up some self-government projects and to see to the citizen side of the City and its well-being. This is their sacrifice to keep the City alive and ticking.]
26 February 2014 @ 07:00 pm
[Filtered to Friends || Unhackable ]
I never in the whole of my life truly thought I would say what I am about to say: I am on my way to my own wedding.

There was the possibility before, in my own world, that I would marry. It never came to pass. And the reasons for that are wretched and similar each time. I was married in the City before, too, but only for a day or two and only for a curse. This, I can say, is wholly different.

I am to marry Princess Rosella of Daventry, whom I love and who loves me in return. And however mad that sounds, I don't care.

I suppose it was only in the City that this could even in the least be possible. This impossible place seems to bring the impossible into possibility. Or perhaps that's we ourselves bring that about.

I had thought there would be more time, but it seems there isn't.

I'm not afraid of my father in the midst of this. I won't be standing there alone. Nor will Rosella be standing there alone. If he means to do her any harm, he will have to stand against me and a veritable army of her defenders and her. I know he's here in the City and I'm no longer afraid of him. I have stood against him long enough. And Rosella has stood against him too. He'll never touch her.

I wish Riff were here, and Merry, and even Uncle Neil. Riff, I know, would stand with me. I don't care what anyone might say about having a servant as a witness to one's marriage. We're practically eloping as it is, with everything hurriedly organised and rushed together. This is far and away not at all a state wedding. And I don't care. In fact, I rather prefer it. It's befitting of the City.

I suppose I'll see Riff and Merry soon enough. And London. I keep drifting back to that thought, though I don't want to. I've a wedding--my wedding--to see to, such as I can. I think I only need to arrive on time.

And I shall be there on time. I've a ring in my pocket and vows to make. I've other vows to keep, but they will keep and I will keep them. I think this, in and of itself, is some of the keeping of them.

This impossible City--I'm glad, here, at the last, that I found myself here so many years ago.

To all who have known me in my time here, to all those who have come and gone, to all those who have stood with me so long, thank you.

[//end filter]

[Private to Princess Rosella || Handwritten Letter]

It's only been a matter of hours, not days, since we last saw one another. I know: I counted it out. So why does it feel like absolute ages since then? I know absence makes the heart grow fonder, but this really is ridiculous.

We really ought to do something about this if we can. Time ought to slow down after this evening, not before. It's being quite inconsiderate, really.

Yes, I'm being overblown and insufferable right now and I honestly don't care. You'll have to endure my excess.

I can't wait to see you. I can hardly bear it. I'm counting out the hours again. Soon enough I'll count out the minutes. I can already imagine how it will be to see you, I can already see how the sunlight will fall and how the candles will shine and even how the flowers will glow with the light and how I know you'll smile until your eyes shine.

I can't wait to see that. I can't wait to see you.

With all my love always,


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26 February 2014 @ 07:06 pm
[ action ]
[Korra's still trying to wrap her mind around the message from earlier. The City is alive. Alive, and curious, and a child. Everything that's happened to her, every horrible thing she's suffered, has been because of a child's innocently cruel curiosity.

She doesn't run through her bending forms, or try to meditate. Maybe she should, but it feels like too much, and that's not even counting the fact that they have to leave. Because for everything she's suffered, there's been a lot of happiness too. Friends that she doesn't want to leave behind. And what about City!dead Naga? What will happen to her?

She calls out of the Welcome Center -- not like there are going to be any new arrivals -- and takes Naga on a run through the forest, through the caves near the beach, going as deep into the ocean as they can. Constantly moving as though to outrun her thoughts; trying to be alone because she can't process when other people are around.

She can't avoid everybody forever, though. Nor would she even want to.]

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26 February 2014 @ 12:14 pm
[Accidental Voice Post]

Oh, bother it all, bother it all, of all things to be worried about at a time like thi--

Where are my shoes?!

[OOC: AWWW SHIT WEDDINGS ARE ON THE HORIZON. Stay tuned for a forthcoming log ETA: the log is here, but in the meantime this post is for all your Matrimonial Pregaming needs!

Also, if you're a friend of Rosella's and think you'd be invited to her wedding, you probably are; feel free to drop me a line so we can handwave something!]
26 February 2014 @ 10:56 am
I've always had a difficult time trusting anything that we're told here, regardless of what part of the City's apparent administration it comes from. How often have we had the promise of home dangled in front of us before? How many times can you be snapped in and out of reality, relentlessly attacked by supernatural forces, or deal with the City's barriers crumbling in new and exciting ways before you start to eye everything a little dubiously?

But... I can't deny that the circumstances surrounding this are different, so if this actually is it, if any of you are about to go walk through a door, if it truly does bring you to another world... don't do it without saying goodbye, all right? It's not a luxury we've generally come to expect here, but it's an opportunity we shouldn't throw away.

I'm not going to lie and say that I've loved being here, that in the end I can look back and say that, after all of it, I was happy here all along. That would be cheapening what I really do want to say, which is that... I've hated the City. I've hated it in a way that became a quiet and passive background to finding myself living here for the past several years. I truly have, but as much as being here has been a repeated series of trials, dangers and trauma beyond anything a person should have to endure, there have been bright spots. There have been moments that were beautiful, days I look back on as fondly as any I spent back home, and people whose friendship has meant more to me than I can find words to say.

As terrible as things can be here, there has always been a sense of connection and camaraderie among those of us who have gotten stuck here, and even if I wind up not consciously remembering any of this, I find it impossible to believe that there won't be some impression left, that I won't feel what some of you have meant to me on some subconscious level for years. For all we've suffered through, you've made it possible for me to build something like a real life here - and if not me personally, if you and I never developed a friendship here, I can guarantee there's at least someone here who feels precisely the way that I'm describing about you.

So, as much as I'm hesitant to do so myself just yet, if you're about to head out and on the off chance that it truly is what it appears to be... you should take that knowledge with you, on whatever level our selves are touched by the City.
26 February 2014 @ 07:03 am

[He can't quite seem to decide whether to use a happy or sad tone, whether to make a somber or pleased expression, so he's alternating between the two, sitting on the floor of his apartment cross-legged, looking earnestly at the device as it records.]

I guess that's it. I mean, I guess we're all going home. Definitely. And I want to go home, I need to go home, but I can't help but...

[A frown, a vague gesture that could really mean anything.]

You know how sometimes when you get something you want it turns out that you didn't want it as much as you thought you did? I don't know if that's a good example here. I still want to go home. I just know that there're a lot of people that don't. And a lot of people that I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to. And I was tempted to just not say goodbye because that's easier, but it's also a lot shittier of me.


[There's that drawn out so again, and now his face seems to have decided that sad is a good expression to stick with.]

If you want to... you know, say our last goodbyes, or whatever other depressing way I can phrase it, let me know. Only I can't promise I won't cry.
26 February 2014 @ 04:18 am
[At dawn on February 26th, there is an unexpected arrival in the City:

The storms cease, the waters are cleared, the sun rises, the battles are stopped for the moment, and from the heavens descend a host of figures robed in black (but glowing luminously), an entourage of sphinxes...

And a harpy, a cat, and a dog.

The Animal Trinity has returned to the City to restore such order as should be found in the City. And they have knowledge that needs must be shared with all those in the City. Hear them. Above all else, the City must be preserved and they will set to such preservations. Hear them.

They communicate in their own way, a broadcast sent across the Network and around the City. Hear them. The Dog speaks (perhaps he is known to some of you):]

GreeTINgs and THundErouS SaLUtationS unto YoU, CiTy! YOur splenDoRs dO noT ceaSe nOr do thEy faDe!

We COme nOw at THIs tIme and IN thIs PLace FOr thE sALVAtion anD weLL-bEing Of tHe CIty! FoR tHEre aRE at thIs tiME aNd iN thiS plAce thOse whO arE in tHe CItY buT noT oF it anD thoSE whO arE oF thE CITy buT do NoT knOw it.


ANd wE DesIRE LEmoN CaKEs!!!

[As this communication ends, the host of hooded figures raise their arms and 144 doorways appear in a ring around Misery Square. Glimpses of other times, places, and worlds can be seen through the doors. These are the ways back to all worlds. The views change and shift. The doorways understand the will of those who pass through them and will send them where they please. Anyone can go anywhere. This is one's own choice.

The old Deity office building, ruined during the first battle between the Deities and the Anonymous Movement when the Deities were sent out of the City, is transformed into a kind of ersatz temple. Ruined concrete and shattered glass take on new shapes, almost like a temple of ancient times on Earth. The Animal Trinity will sit here in judgment and rule and will hear trades and requests of those who will remain in the City. They will be guarded by sphinxes. They enter their temple and the City begins to mend. Even the Barriers are restored again--to protect the City, not to trap those in it.

The Carousel begins to turn at its normal speed, though the Clock still ticks slowly--perhaps more slowly than ever. ]

[ooc: So here, then, is They Who Have Returned: the Animal Trinity, made up of Adrastus the dog, and the Cat, and the representative Harpy, have returned to the City to guard and oversee it. For more OOC information on this event, please see this post! A log for departures will be posted in [community profile] tampered tomorrow, 2/27]
 It was
a pleasure
to burn

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25 February 2014 @ 06:55 pm

[ooc: Pleased with the violence and war, indeed.]
25 February 2014 @ 05:54 pm
[Tristero sounds, at best, distraught. At worst, he sounds psychotic.]

You fucking killed A! You fucking assholes, you killed A!

[The thunderous sounds of battle roar behind him]

You think this is a fucking joke? Yeah, that's what you do! You kill each other! You killed one of your own because you thought she was one of us and now you've killed one of ours.

Do you know why we're fighting? To stop this shit from happening anymore! To stop everyone from fighting and dying all the time! I've been fighting my whole life--my whole life. What do you even understand?

And you go and kill A like that?

You don't even fucking know.

[And the connection goes dead.]

[ooc: Anonymous Movement member A has been killed in the battle. But the fight goes on for the rest of tonight. And at dawn tomorrow? Wait and see...]
25 February 2014 @ 11:01 am
[There is a flash of light, and then there is A, in her veils, fighting the deities.

Except that if you look closely, it's a disturbing thing to watch, because the deities are not quite the deities. They're in their war-forms, and it's horrible to look at for too long. There is nothing easily pinpointed. Everything is only just wrong.

A is outnumbered, even as her veils attack for her, a shiver of light hitting every time one strikes, but as veil after veil falls to the floor and she is left weaponless.

She fights still but there is a growing rumble as she's quickly losing ground.

When she dies, her blood glows silver as it sprays, as she's pulled apart.]