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[Holy shit. It's busy in the Dragon today. So, Charlie has words for her employees. She doesn't bother filtering it. It's just said into the device.]

Guys, I think we need all hands today. It's insane. [She disappears long enough to give someone their tea and their sandwich and then returns a second later.]

Think of it this way. Gift giving holidays are coming. [And Charlie's birthday, which she's more prone to tell people about than she was last year.]

The extra money would be nice, yes?

[End feed.]

[Action at the Jasmine Dragon.]

[Charlie's bustling around the cafe, helping customers. Keeping things in order and cooking, of course. So she's all over the place. Totally bother-able unless you're that clown monster from last time. Then gtfo. No clowns allowed. Especially not since the Circus.]

[ooc: sadly, she will set any clowns on fire. so keeping them away would probably be best. other than that? anything goes.]
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[Charlie has seen this face. She may not have anything more than a nickname to go with it, but she'll know it from the karaoke bar and from around the City. The dazzling smile, the perfect hair, the ideal build. The lighting seems to change to accommodate him.

He moves to take some dirty dishes from an empty table and flashes Charlie a bright smile.]

Can I help you with that?
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[He likes tea. Organic tea. Preferably of the Fair Trade variety, but he wouldn't want anyone to go out of their way to accommodate his tastes.]

Are you sure? It wouldn't be a problem. I don't have to be at the orphanage until noon, anyway.
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I understand, and you're welcome--Charlie, isn't it? I'm Adam. I don't think we've met.

[His smile melts into... well, an appreciative smile.]

The kids would love that.
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It's fine... this whole place is crazy. [The wattage of his smile decreases slightly.] I'm sorry your friend left. I don't drink, but if you need a friend on karaoke night...

[Somehow, it doesn't sound the least bit like a come-on.]

Thank you--on the behalf of the entire orphanage.