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♕ |[84]| the smart ship grew in stature, grace, and hue, in shadowy silent distance grew the iceberg

[Accidentally Posted]

By the time I know you must be angry, and I don't blame you for that. I
am sorry. I'm writing to tell you that I wish things could have been different say thank you, for everything you've done for me. I know it must seem like I'm not I don't appreciate it; but I do know how much you've given, what you've sacrificed for me.

I'm sorry it has to be this way. I hope someday you'll forgive me, and we can see each other again.

Please don't look for us me.

Love Since-- [fades into illegibility]

[Open Action]

While his second-class accommodations aren't the most lavish on the ship, they're fancy enough that Neil doesn't take them for granted; and a long voyage is a rare enough treat that he's not going to waste it brooding over what to tell his father.

Instead he spends the day wandering everywhere he can, taking it all in.

[ooc; struck text is visible as just that-- words scratched out in the course of writing. Shipboard action available, just about anywhere a second-class passenger would be found during the day! background & ooc arranging is here <3 Obviously earlier in the day etc etc sorry.]
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[For much of the afternoon, Todd remains at Neil's side, strolling along as they explore the immense vessel. He's a bit of a bundle of nerves, equally excited and terrified at their plans to run off. Obviously, it's what he wants, but the reality of it has begun to sink in, and he can't help but wonder what lies ahead as they try to strike out on their own. Every once in a while as they walk along, he'll glance excitedly at Neil or brush his fingers against the other boy's when they're out of anyone's sight.]
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[Todd sees that grin - and he's not quite sure entirely what it's about, but he is certainly fond of it. He stops, facing Neil, and gives a little incline of his head, arching his eyebrows as he smiles.]

And what is that?
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That grin.

[Todd's fingers do willingly fall into place between Neil's, even as his heart pounds and his eyes glance up and down the corridor, clearly afraid of being discovered.

The excitement, however, outweighs his natural tendency to worry, as he steps a bit closer.]
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[And the kiss is, of course, returned, however brief it is, his fingers' grasp tightening in response. It's terrifying, in the most wonderful way, as the panic washes over him. Even if it is empty, he feels completely exposed, and when they pull back, there's a mischievous grin playing on his lips.]
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[He laughs slightly, embarrassed, fingers lingering on Neil's just a bit longer than they probably should.]
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action on deck

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[A tall young man is lugging a very large instrument case along the deck, maybe not paying perfect attention to where he's going. Which would be why he turns around too quickly and nearly knocks someone over.]

Oh jeez-

[He cuts himself off from any stronger swearwords.]

I'm really sorry. Are you alright?
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Hey, it's replaceable. Unlike people. Er, people keep telling me I need to watch where I'm going with this thing.
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Well it's not like they can fire me while I'm stuck on the boat, eh?

er, I'm Stephen. Stills.

[Feels polite to say after you've wacked a guy with your bass.]
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[He's been using this thing long enough that he can shake hands and still hold onto it.]

I think I can make it. Thanks, Neil.
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The first class passengers don't seem to like silence, that's for sure.
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Don't blame them in that case. I'm not that big a fan of it either.