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◤carnival CATASTROPHE◢
The Clock still ticks. The Carousel still turns. The City, that wondrous place that never needed any other name because there was and could be and would always only ever be The City, still stands, as glittering and dark as ever, as full of possibilities and sorrow as ever. It is every city, it is only The City. It is that multicolored, iridescent, rainbow, polychromatic City.

It stands, now and forever.

As the last person departs from the City, leaving it in the hands of the native-born Citizens, the Animal Trinity, the Deities, and the Anonymous Movement, the Carousel plays a sweet and haunting song, a requiem for all those who have come and gone from the City...

[community profile] poly_chromatic is now C L O S E D.

Thank you
P O L Y c h r o m a t i c
Goodnight & Good luck ♥

✘F I N.

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