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[It's clearly the Blue Light, and Kat is sitting at the bar. For the first time he doesn't look so young. He looks older, a little more weathered. He has a drink in his hand; it's something clear, but when he turns the glass it sparkles red, blue, green, purple, orange, polychromatic.]

Hey, Black Dog.

[He says it fondly. He swings his legs. Black Dog is there with him, quiet. Kat's clearly in a mood tonight.]

I've been thinking about it a lot. Stories, you know? I don't think it was ever about the clock, or the deities, or us, or even the Animals - yeah, you too.

I think it was always about stories. About living them. Telling them. About being surrounded in stories. Once upon a time and a story, a story, let it come, let it go. Back, far back, in the mists of time when the world was young.

Back in the day when animals could talk.

A long time, in Estonia, people didn't have bathtubs in their houses.

[There's a deep laugh, and it's not from Kat, or from Black Dog. It's like without people, without the ticking, there's a sound that people can hear. The City itself. Laughing.]

Yeah, you like that one, huh?

[Kat laughs and there's a glitter from his glass.]

Well okay. So I'm thinking it was always about stories. Someone is always telling the story, and they love it. But you know that the story has to end, doesn't it?

That's the best part. The closure. This place wasn't about us. It was about the stories.

[He looks up, then, and walks over to the door. There's a sign - Open.]

You already did the carousel, right?

[He nods and looks at the door, then finishes his drink and sets the glass down on a nearby table, and turns the sign.


Come on. Let's go home.

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