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Dewey ([personal profile] thefavorite) wrote in [community profile] poly_chromatic2014-02-28 06:54 pm

xiii. ][ video

[ The feed activates, and here's Dewey, his lips pursed and eyebrows raised as he looks at the device. ]

So... I figured I should say one last thing before I go home. That's where I'm going. I mean, I thought about going somewhere else, maybe somewhere people would appreciate me a little bit more or let me have a dog, or where I could have superpowers or go to space or something.

[ Then he shrugs. ]

That's where I belong, though, and I... I actually miss my family.

[ He says that really quietly, because he's not supposed to fess up to having feelings. You get punched for that kind of thing in said family. ]

I miss my dad, and my mom, and Francis and Malcolm and I even miss Reese, even though he's a stupid jerk most of the time. I mean, things can be kind of awful, but they're my family, and I'm supposed to be there.

[ He pauses a moment... ]

I had a great time here, though. I got to play the piano and I got paid for it and people even told me how good I was at it. And I did all kinds of stuff that I never did before. I flew and I met people from space and one time I was a wizard and I was also older - well, I guess I'll get to do that one again - and I met people from all kinds of worlds and I'm a squire now and I got to be part of a royal wedding and...

[ He stops and smiles. ]

Yeah. It was great. So, thanks. And I hope you all get to go somewhere that's great for you now, too.

[ He's about to turn it off, but then he thinks better of it-- ]

Oh. And I'm the one who was throwing water balloons off that roof in the square a couple of weeks ago. Um... sorry.

[ And then he ends it. ]

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