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Quest 333 - Happily Ever After

You know, I...

Every year, on my anniversary in the City--August the 2nd, that is--I've told a story about a princess with six brothers who were changed into swans. I started doing it on my very first anniversary here, because it was so hard to imagine that a whole year had gone by, and it made me think of how time seems to pass so differently in fairy tales; the story goes that the little princess vows to go six years without ever once smiling or laughing or speaking a word, so as to break the curse that's been placed on her older brothers. And in the stories, one can say that in the span of simply a sentence: six years passed, as simple as that.

But six years in life is something very different, isn't it? It would've been the end of my sixth year this August, and even after just five and a half, when I think back on all the memories I've had here in the City, and all the times I've smiled and laughed and really makes it all the more wondrous, I think, to have that sort of appreciation of just how long that little princess was willing to hold out for the sake of her brothers, and how much she must've loved them, to take on such a challenge for their sakes.

And I always liked that story in particular because there was one brother that the princess saved--she did it by sewing shirts for them, you see, and then at the end of the six years she was to throw them over the swans and they'd change back into boys--whose shirt didn't have a sleeve on it yet, and so when he was changed back, he still had a wing in place of one arm. And yet even with that, I don't think the little princess loved him any less for it. I a way, I even loved him a bit more than the others, because I don't think someone needs to be perfect to be worth loving, or to be loved.

But that's not the story that's been on my mind all day, really. The one I've been thinking of instead starts off a bit something a bit more like this:

Once upon a time there was a princess who was going to be sacrificed to a three-headed dragon.

In my family, in Daventry, we have a tradition--that anytime one of us goes on an adventure, the very first thing we're meant to do once we're home safely again is to sit down with our court chronicler, Gerwain, and retell the whole story, every bit of it that we can remember, so he can take it down and preserve it in the royal archives. I was seventeen years old, just shy of my eighteenth birthday, when I went up the stairs in the mountainside to the Land of the Clouds to be sacrificed to that dragon. And then when it was slain, we came home, Alexander and I, and my father took ill after his heart failed from the joy of seeing us both safe again. And then I was off on another adventure, this time to seek a magic fruit that could save his life, and I did find it and he was saved.

And then just as I was leaving his bedside after that, I fell into the Fountain, here. I hadn't slept in more than a day, and I was ever so terribly tired, and that was when the boy who would become my best friend, Sam, found me and took me to the Warehouse--the place I've called home all this time.

All this time, everything I've written in this device of mine, it's always been because I was expecting this day might come. I wanted to be sure I could remember as much of it as I could, because when I go home, the first thing I'm going to do is sit right down with Gerwain and tell him everything, as much as I can. All five and a half years of it, as far back as I can remember.

This story...this adventure...we'll all have it, then, in Daventry. Sam Witwicky and Sirius Black, Miss Saya and Blue and Ellington, too, Luke Skywalker and Legolas and Tamaki, Princess Rue and her Prince Mytho and Ahiru and Fakir, Kurama and Romeo and his Juliet, Blair and Bumblebee and Sam's friend Mikaela, too. Neil and Todd--the new knights of Daventry, now, Sir Neil and Sir Todd, and Penny, and Caspian and Peter and Susan and Lucy, and yes, even Edmund too. And Tristan, Yvaine, and Claire and Duo and Dean, Kazuki and Amory and Arthur and Cinna. They'll know Nigel and Dr. Chase, and Merry and Riff and Miss Megumi, and Ginny and Frankie and Justin and Euphie and Bucky and Steve, and Billy and Dave and Miss Carla and...

And...and I suppose we might even find room for a rather insufferable boy by the name of Cain Hargreaves, while we're at it, though I suppose it'll only be my half of things for the time being, and he can fill in his side of it once he arrives.

So if anyone should ask me, you know, to tell them my favorite fairy tale...I suppose I'll have to warn them that we might be there awhile, because the one I'm going to tell is the one of all of you, and the time we spent together here.

I still remember the moment, that five and a half years ago, when I really did come to believe in the story the boy who'd rescued me had told me, that he was the long-lost twin brother I'd never known I had. I remember he started to cry, and hugged me, and said, "It's so good to be home." And that...was when I believed him.

And you know, I...I think I'm glad to be going home, too? But that's only because I've learned that home isn't...a place, but the people you love. And some of them are there, in my kingdom, waiting for me, and so many of them have been here in this City. But as long as I remember them, and carry them with me in my heart...then really, no matter where I go, I'm always home, aren't I?

I'm going to miss all of you so very much, but I'm glad for it, too. Because you can't miss someone that you don't remember, and I'll never forget any of you.

"And they all lived happily ever after."

Yes. I'm certain that's how the end of this adventure goes, too.

[OOC: Action her up, backtag forever, do whatever you like. This post is 100% open for farewells, and thank you again, Poly, for so many years of wonderful memories. ♥]
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Safe journey, princess.
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She'll be sad to be down a bridesmaid. And you looked beautiful the other day, by the way.

But I'll take care of her. She's why I think it'll be all right.
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You will have quite a tale to tell.

But I see you've left me a bit of work to do when I come to tell mine.
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There'll be more to it when you hear it too. I don't know how that part of the tale will go. I know what I want and I know what I hope, but you and I will both have to wait for the tale I'll tell then.
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I hope--no, I know that I will save London. I know you must be tired of hearing me say that, but every time I say it to you I feel more resolved in it.

I will save London from the madness and darkness that my father wishes to put over it.

I have loved London since I was a child, since before I was ever allowed anywhere near it, when I was kept a veritable prisoner in our house in Cornwall. That was why I left Cornwall so soon after I came into my title and inheritance and went to London. I have loved that city my whole life. I cannot and will not let my father plunge it into darkness.

I know I'll stop whatever schemes he might have. I know he's already set things in place and he'll return to those things when he leaves here as I will return to mine. So be it, then. And I know that stopping his schemes may come at a price to me. I don't know how high, but I know it has cost me dearly before. And there are some things I will not sacrifice--your life, Merry's life, Riff's life. His servant wounded my Uncle Neil, but that is the last harm my father will do to him. But I will make what sacrifices I must to stop him. I don't know what shape that last battle will take, though I think it will be dark and I know my father with pour all the darkness in himself into it, all the occult rituals he knows, every superstition, and every torment that goes against the will of God. But I know Riff will stand with me.

I think, though, that at the end of it, I may not be able to stay in London any longer. Not as I have, at least. I won't be able to have a foot in both worlds. I think the costs of this last battle with my father may be too high. I may be able to visit London someday, well-disguised and staying far from the places where I was once known. But I may have to leave that city I love, the city I call home--I've never called the City home in all the time I've been here.

I know I will have to leave it to return to you. That I know and I have no doubt that I'll leave London to come to you and to Daventry. I don't know how I'll find a way to you, but I will find a way. I found a door into the City long ago. I know that doors now stand ajar between many worlds.

If I must become like my namesake, and become a fugitive and vagabond upon the Earth, I will. But I will find a way to you.

And when I find you, I'll tell these stories: how I found my way back to London, what happened there, how I defeated my father and his armies of darkness, that last battle between us, and how I came back to you and found my way into Daventry.

I think it will be a very long story. And I hope you won't mind listening to it all.
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Yes, of course. I hope you can see all of it, not just one street or the alley I first walked down into the City. I hope you can see the dome on Saint Paul's Cathedral and all the towers and spires and the smoke from the chimneys and the river and all the people, rich and poor, in the streets. You gave me little pieces of it for years for Christmas. You more than deserve to see it whole now.

I hope you don't hate it. If we could--if we can, once it's safe, I'd love to bring you there, if only for a visit.

You've always known. I used to think we were so very different, with our worlds being so different and our thoughts on those worlds being so different. And they are different, but we're not so different ourselves. I'm glad you understand. Of course you'd understand.
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Yes, of course I will. I hope you'll be surprised by some of it still. Or maybe I hope that you'll feel as I did when I first came to London: I knew all of these places and had glimpsed them in drawings, but I was still delighted to see them for myself. Perhaps that's what I hope.

But I'll point out everything to you today and show it to you when you visit for yourself.
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No, do tell me. If something is worrying you, I should like to know it. Between the two of us, we'll find some solution to it.
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The entire castle? How--no, never mind. You said it was a wizard's brother, so he must have some of that same power himself. You know I know nothing about magic besides what little you've shown me. I'll have to get used to it.

What should I do, though? Should I simply wait for you?
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The castle was bottled up in a jar? I can't say I find that image all that comforting, Rosella, not after having been trapped in this place. The City's barriers were enough like the confines of a jar as far as I'm concerned.

I will trust you, then. And I'll wait for you.
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Yes, and a bit more than just practice for being trapped in a jar.

No, there isn't any way to know. I don't believe in fate and the future is full of possibilities.
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I will carry that with me, that you believe in me.

I believe in you too. I'll wait as long as I must to see you again.
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Good luck on your next adventure.
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No. Being dead limits the options, so I'll let the doors decide.
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[personal profile] othersdie 2014-03-02 09:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe they're not. The City wouldn't be that cruel.
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It wouldn't, but won't it be odd? You'll be home and everything will be the same except for you.
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You're older, wiser. More married.

[He pauses, but it's the sort of pause that indicates thinking and not the end of a thought.]

Thank you for being around for Neil and Todd. They think the world of you.
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I hope that your family does, too.

They would protest, but I won't argue on their behalf.
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In all fairness, most mothers expect to get to know their sons-in-law before the marriage.

I imagine.
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A fairy tale... I like that.

Your family's gonna be so glad to see you. I mean, even if you haven't been missing to them, and even if they don't remember being in the City.