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[Angela's sitting cross-legged on a sofa in an apartment that if anybody knew her well enough can tell that's not hers. One, the wall colors are in neutrals and there's no amount of controlled chaos around. What gives it away especially is a grey cat in her lap snoozing, and even though she is not a fan of them, Angela can't bear to move it. Her device is propped up so her hands are free to write things down on a nearby clipboard.]

The worst part of coming and going here isn't the coming back, it's coming back and realizing there are things you should already know, but you can't remember. I hate not remembering things. My life experiences are so important to me; I want to look back and go "Yeah, that was fantastic how we got arrested." but when I can't remember faces, much less names or events...

[It pisses her off. But she's not going to say that much out loud.]

So here's your mission, should you choose to accept it: tell me things about us I should remember. Doesn't matter if it's big or small. If we went to the beach together and almost got eaten by sharks, great! Or not so great, but still that's useful to me.

And if we didn't do anything together, lie to me. Make something up. It's not like I'll know the difference.
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I wouldn't want to tell you anything that you remember.

[And his memory is shit, but.]
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You made me go to the school dance during a curse. You were a teacher--anatomy?--and I was one of your students. If you hadn't made me promise to go, I wouldn't have danced with Shilo.

I don't remember when this was, but you told me that guilt and regret aren't necessarily weaknesses.

I gave you a stargazer lily.
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All of that was years ago. Two or three.

[And, to the best of his knowledge, it's all true. His memory isn't great, but what he does recall is usually accurate.]

Do you still like lilies?
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You've been out of the City. Leaving scrambles memories.