17 February 2013 @ 05:37 pm
From a Garden of Eden to a City of Hell, is it? Prettiest piece of hell I’ve ever seen, I’ll give you that. [He’s smiling at the camera, cigarette held a few inches from his mouth as he stands outside. The sun has just set, the sky already dark.] But do forgive me, where are my manners—call me Rayflo. Now if someone wouldn't mind pointing me in the direction of the door out of this place, I’m sure I can show a little appreciation before being on my way.

That is, unless there are some more interesting attractions to see here first. [Playful and easy, he needs to keep up appearances, even if he is standing around where nothing more than a robe and looking perfect comfortable in it.] I’m easy to please. A little wine, a little fun, and a nice bed at the end of the night. Considering how busy this city seems, it shouldn't be too hard to find...if someone would be so kind.

[And that easy going demeanor changes for a moment, but it comes back just as quickly.] Not that I’m intending to make this an overnight trip, but I like to keep my options open. Places to go, people to see—you know how that is.