21 April 2012 @ 01:35 am
[She seems to be out and about in town somewhere, in pretty good spirits. Possibly because even though it's morning and she hasn't seen too many of the pictures that are flying around yet, she's already found a fun one of Yuri that she plans on holding onto, at least until it will likely disappear at the end of the day.]

This seems like it should be an interesting day. [And so far not as obtrusive as the candy hearts were.] I wonder if there are any of these with me in them.

[As if on cue, a picture falls down from the sky, briefly showing on the screen before she catches it, looks at it, and laughs a little.]

I guess so. [A slight pause, and then a little more distantly.] I miss that outfit.

[Private to Justin]

[She glances at what is clearly a picture she's holding but isn't visible to the camera as it stands.]

You have a nice smile. I'd like to see it in person sometime.

[Action -- If you are Garrus]

[Judith has amassed a small collection of photos by this point, and is presently leaning against the wall of one of the buildings, idly flipping through them.]

[Action -- For anyone else who finds her later]

[Judith has found a tree to sit under for a little while, and while she still seems to have a nice little collection of photos with her, she seems to be mostly interested in just sitting and staring at this one.]
09 April 2012 @ 08:55 pm
It's just strange, don't you think?

[Judith needs to get over this habit, of spewing random thoughts aloud to Ba'ul while not realizing her device has turned on.]

Yuri said I've even been here before. You too, but you don't remember anything, either, right?

[A slight pause.]

That's what I thought.

[And a longer pause. She sounds unusually wistful when she speaks again.]

I wonder if Karol was ever here...
[The video shows Yuri (or at least what looks like Yuri) seeming a little... disoriented.]

Well, this is interesting.

[A pause; Judith is intentionally recording, but she really hasn't gotten used to this yet. She briefly glances down at... herself. Then back to the camera, now with a slight smirk.]

Anyone else not feeling like themself today?

[Private to Yuri:]

I think you might have something of mine.

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25 February 2012 @ 08:37 pm
[Private video to Yuri:]

[To anyone else, she would seem perfectly calm, but he knows her well enough to catch the slight raggedness in her breath, and the urgency in her voice. She's just been in a fight, and what she has to say is important.]

You already know about Estelle, right?

[An educated guess, because she knows he would have paid attention to that post she made, just like Judith did.]

If you see her, be careful.

[Public video:]

Those... things, that get into people's heads and make them act strangely. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

[That's all she'll say, and she seems calm enough, but something in her tone says she really could use an answer to that ASAP.]

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23 February 2012 @ 10:15 am
[At present, the video is aimed at approximately nothing. Though it happens to be blue. And possibly furry. Those who are familiar might be able to identify the image as some part of Ba'ul, and the voice as Judith.]

Oh, I think we're alright.

[She doesn't need words to talk to Ba'ul, but sometimes she uses them regardless, particularly when she doesn't think anyone else is listening.]

But don't you think some of the people out here shouldn't be?

[A soft laugh.]

Yes, him too.

[Meaning Ken. Ba'ul thinks the kid should have stayed in the glass city, but Ba'ul also recognises determination and was grateful for the escort out.

That comment is followed by a thoughtful pause. And then:]

How fast do you think you can fly?

[ooc: I am offering false hope to anyone who wants to take me up on it. He won't get fast enough. He'll just bounce off and screw up one of your chances to get inside. >D]
11 February 2012 @ 11:01 pm
This seems like one of the more interesting curses, at least. I guess some people won't be too happy about others learning things about them like this, but it doesn't seem too harmful. Some of them don't even let you know who they belong to.

[A short, thoughtful pause.]

Has anyone found any related to me? I'd like to know if you have.

[She herself has eaten a few (ALONE, MARTYR, EAT, REVENGE, HEARTLESS, LOVE...), but she won't bring up what she's learned unless they start it somehow. Well, save for one.]

[Text; locked to Justin]
Do you really think miserable is the best way to live?
[The camera shakes a little bit, then focuses on what might be a ceiling. Apparently it was turned on by something hitting it, because very shortly afterward something else lands on it more directly, blocking out the screen. You might have caught a brief glimpse before it landed. It was a... bra? No, it might have been one of Judith’s shirts...

There’s a bit more rustling to be heard before any words are spoken.]

You would think I would have something in here that wasn’t quite so revealing.

[Someone seems frustrated with her wardrobe.]

[occ: Judith got hit by the sexuality reversal curse. Regularly scheduled flaunting of boobs will resume tomorrow at the normal time. Open to action for housemates.]
[The device is reasonably far away from her, enough to be able to see her whole body as she’s sitting on her bed, leaning back on one arm, legs crossed, and a slightly smug sort of smile on her face. Beside her on the bed, neatly stacked into a little pyramid, are a small number of what appear to be monster skulls.]

I guess I should thank whoever that was that mentioned the Underground a few days ago. I can’t believe I hadn’t known about it before. It’s fun.

[She doesn’t draw any particular attention to the skulls, though one might presume they have something to do with that statement. Proving that, yes, a chick can handle the Underground She smiles, seeming downright cheerful.]

There’s a casino there, too.

[Meaning Judith just found her new source of income.]

[ooc: If housemates had at all wondered why she hadn't come back last night until sometime rather closer to morning... that's why.]