18 March 2012 @ 01:42 am
[ When Percy wakes up feeling like P. Diddy, goes out and hits the City, the gigantic rainbow overhead today is hard to miss. And just his luck, he's seen the likes of it before when he met the goddess Iris. He doesn't have any drachmas on him but maybe she can reach here and help him get in touch with people back home. She's nice enough to do him the favor. Better yet, it might somehow be his ticket outta here.

So as he starts making his way towards the end of the rainbow that's in the forests, he figures he can collect all-natural nuts to make up for the gold on the way or something. After a while of squirrel-defying tree-climbing: ]

O Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering.

[ He tosses nuts at the rainbow. It's not working. Ugh. What was Fleecy's direct number again? ]

O Fleecy, do me a solid. Show Annabeth on the Argo II.

[ Still not working, so he keeps walking and tossing nuts. For a while there, Percy starts to think this might end up a nightmare where he finds a lot of vegan twinkies piled up at the other end of the rainbow, glinting in the light due to some toxic gluten-free component, but on the off chance it's not, he'll keep trying his luck. ]

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21 February 2012 @ 05:26 am
[ Crash landings in random cities that don't exist on any map — all in all, it's not something Percy's entirely unfamiliar with. It really could've been a lot worse. He's still not exactly happy about it, not least because he's wearing a ridiculous bed sheet-turned-toga and purple cape. This would've looked weird, if there were any people out here to appreciate it. At least his brain seems mostly in check this time.

So, City, say hello to a peeved-off son of Poseidon. He's been walking the desert, trying to find signs of A.) donut shops B.) suspicious bag ladies or C.) water. The network device isn't on that list, but he'll take what he can get: ]

Let me guess. Arizona? New Mexico?

[ He doesn't sound like he believes either. ]

Yeah... If this is another test, I'm pretty sure I'm bombing it.