04 February 2012 @ 08:36 pm
Forward dated to tomorrow.

[The scene is in an apartment, the background a bit eclectic in decoration with bright paint on the walls and artwork meant more to spark conversation than to be shown off for its extravagance. The furniture is all mis-matched and gauzy curtains hang over the windows from ceiling to floor. Anyone who knows Lucy, Jill or Jace know that this is their home.

In the forefront at a small round table covered with lace that drapes down to the floor, are both Lucy and Jill. The table is topped with a porcelain tea set with hand painted roses decorating it. And in the middle of the table is a plate of crumpets. Jill is wearing a long silver and white dress along with a dainty silver tiara adorned with topaz gems. Lucy is wearing a gold, one shoulder dress, her tiara gold with emeralds decorating it.

Jill expertly lifts the tea pot with the handle, her other hand resting over the lid as she pours them both steaming cups of tea. It's as if she's done this before. And in fact, she has. Oftentimes when she and Lucy had been much younger, Lucy had introduced Jill to playing tea. As they had become older, it had gone from pretend tea to real tea. And over time, Jill had learned to pour without spilling.

After setting the tea pot back in its place on the table, she picks up a bowl and a pair of small tongs.
] One lump or four? [She knows that they both prefer their tea super sweet.]

Four, please. [Jill first puts four cubes in Lucy's cup and then the same in hers. The Lucy lifts the small carafe filled with milk.] Cream?

Just a little, please. Thank you. [After Lucy has poured a small amount into both of their teacups, Jill lifts hers to her lips and blows a light stream of air over the top to cool it down just a bit. Then she speaks completely in character of a Southern Belle at a tea party.] Lovely weather we're having, isn't it? Warmer than usual this time of year.

[Lucy idly stirs her tea with a small silver spoon and nods.] Practically Summer out there, and it couldn't come too soon.

I do love the Wintertime, but after awhile it does seem altogether dreary.

Personally, I can't stand the cold. It's much worse. Much worse because it makes it very difficult to wear a bikini.

[Jill pauses mid-sip to look across the table to her best friend. It was always Lucy who got out of character in their tea parties. Since they were little. And she supposes it's the familiarity of that that breaks her own concentration. She smiles and starts to giggle when she notices that the video on the counter is recording. She rolls her eyes, sighs and reaches out for it.]

Luce, the video is recording. You turn it on?

Nope, it's Lucy and Jill on TV day! [Lucy takes the device from Jill and holds it close so that her smiling face is filling the whole video screen.] Hi! Were having a tea party if anyone wants to join in! Dress your best and come on over!

ooc: Tea party and anyone is welcome to join. Lucy is in purple and Jill is in pink. Posting this early since both Lucy and Jill's muns will be absent tomorrow during the curse.
01 February 2012 @ 09:11 am
[The scene shows a table scattered with an assortment of make-up, powders, creams, blushes eyeliners, mascara tubes. In the background, there's classical music playing. At the moment it's Le sacre du printemps by Igor Stravinsky. A slender hand sets down an eyeliner stick and picks up a tube of mascara. Once the cap is twisted off, there's hesitation and then the tube is tipped so that sand pours out of it.]

That's the second one in two days... Luce! I need to borrow some mascara!
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25 January 2012 @ 12:02 pm
[Jill is at The Blue Light working. It's her night to tend the bar instead of supplying the musical entertainment for the evening. The bar is full, probably because a lot of people have had the same idea as she's had. The ticking isn't so bad if you're drunk. She slams back another shot and then procedes to take and prepare more drink orders.]

ooc: action open to anyone stopping by The Blue Light.
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