30 November 2013 @ 10:09 pm
[Lilith can be seen, feeling her way forward along the outer wall of a building, one step at a time – hesitantly, bare foot hovering above the ground for a moment before making contact. The right one first, her left foot repeating the process. The progress slow as a result, but there is a certain grace to it that can’t be denied.]

Is this... the land beyond death? Is this Heaven? There are so many strange scents here... sounds...

[She comes to a faltering halt. Her voice the backdrop of the network device’s recording of the City in part and herself in whole. When she finally continues speaking, her conclusion is soft. The harshness of its implications already too familiar to her. To be truly frightening.]

But the darkness, it has not withdrawn. Then, is this Hell? Because he said... Hell is eternal darkness.

[She remains standing in that one place – looking cold and vulnerable in her white, cotton nightgown. Seemingly wary to move. After a few more minutes, the recording times out and cuts off.]

((ooc : open to action as well))