09 April 2012 @ 11:51 pm
[The camera opens to a great deal of darkness. The focus adjusts to reveal a group of trees in semi-darkness. The view swings again to the night sky, dotted with stars. Whoever is holding the camera is climbing up one of the smallish hills outside the City, panning around as they go, taking in the scenery.

A familiar thatch of red hair comes into the frame. George turns and faces the camera and gives it a weak but genuine smile. He has a stack of boxes in his arms, which is hoists before giving the camera holder a strained look.]

You can help with these, Fred. Holding the camera doesn't count as work, you know.

[ There's laughter from the man off-screen, but it's light and gentle, something that carries on the wind rather than painting across the skies. Sincere, but something is very clearly off. ]

Oi, I'll have you know this is the most important bit. Now move your feet, you lazy sod.

Alright, alright. But you owe me a favour.

[George casts a glance at the camera, slow and steady. A favour he won't be getting back, of course.

They reach the top of the hill in next to no time. George stops to set up the boxes as Fred finds a place to prop up the camera with a good view of the two of them and the clear expanse of the night sky. One that's done George stands, his hands in his pockets.]

Right, are we ready to go then? Right. Well, City, it's been an absolute joy, but we're afraid it's time for us to go home.

[ Fred joins his brother's side, arms crossed and face bright even in the dark veil of night. His smile is much the same as George's - real, his own, but distantly sad. ]

No bogeys from the lot of you, all right? Our time here's been nothing but brilliant - [ Except for the times when it wasn't ] - and we'll not have you wasting that away with gross sobbing.

We thought we might leave you with something a little more in the Weasley style. Ready, Fred?

[George pulls his wand from his pocket and points it at the boxes in front of them. He pauses, and reaches out to bring his arm round his brother's shoulders.]

[ The embrace, however accustomed he is to such from his twin, still manages to bring out something more vulnerable, more scared, but he's not, he won't be, he isn't - so the smile stays on and he does the same with his own wand. ]


[ They wordlessly cast the spell, a flick of the wrist they've known a thousand times over, and the sky catches flame. Their signature fireworks, but in spades - the whole lot of them, all at once, go whizzing into the air and outshine the stars. The twins marvel up at them silently, eyes glowing, until Fred looks over and nudges George with his elbow. ]

You all right, Georgie?

[George looks at his brother and nudges back.]


[A blinding flash of a firework obscures the camera's vision. The feed fizzes and cracks, and then cuts out.]
31 March 2012 @ 07:47 pm

[The video shakily opens to a view of a patterned sheet, stretched out between two chairs. The video fumbles, moving to show a stack of pillows and a wool blanket thrown over the side of a bed before it swings a final time on an extreme close-up of a very young and very freckly face, grinning wildly.]

Oi, Fred! I think I figured out what this does!

[The child waves (George, for anyone who can't put two and two together).]

I think it's like one of those felly-telly-visson Muggles things Dad told us about. But little!

A felly-telly-what, now?

[ And here comes the other one, crawling over in the small space to shove his face right up next to George's, eyes gleaming with something wicked. ]

Nice one, Georgie. I just got that lot set up over here, too. Bring your felly-telly-thingawhater.


[The view becomes shaking again as George follows his brother through a sheet-covered tunnel into a brand new section of the blanket fort.]

Blimey! This is brilliant, Fred! Do you think we can connect it into the hallway?

Hmm, not sure that we've enough blankets left.

[ Watch the child masterminds at work as they appraise their work and break into a devious grin. ]

Ready for a bit of reconn - reconn - [ He purses his lips for a moment. Learning new words is hard, shush. ] - reconnaissance, that's the ticket. I reckon Perce's got a few we can nick.

Yeah, brilliant! I distract him and you nick?

[As he speaks, George digs into a nearby box with the familiar WWW logo on it and pulls out a smallish firework.]

You know the drill, same as always.

[ Matching grins and eyes bright, they clap their hands together in their own special brand of secret handshake before clambering off to wreak havoc upon the house, all for the sake of extending their blanket fort.

Just another day in the life of the Weasleys. ]

[ooc: The entire crop of Weasleys have been hit with Age Reversal. You thought they were terrors now. Replies coming from [personal profile] asplodes and [personal profile] kabooms. Blue is Fred, regular is George.]
20 March 2012 @ 05:58 pm
[ From the muffled sound of it, it's fairly clear early on that this recording is wholly unintentional, though if the exhilarated laughter is any indication, whatever's happening on the other end is an absolute riot. ]

All right there, Merlin?

[ Comes the familiar-to-some voice of one Fred Weasley, and you can very nearly hear that characteristic wolf-like grin. ]

[Merlin's exhilarated laughing might just be a bit nervous too, because this is really completely unlike anything he has ever tried before. When he replies to Fred, his voice is breathless, and unbelieving.]

Yeah, I'm fine! This is so weird!

Takes a bit of getting used to. [A third voice, familiar to the first but different enough to be recognised as George chimes in.] So are we looking for something in particular or is this pure intelligence gathering?

Hold onto your knickers, would you? We're almost there.

[ "There" isn't exactly made clear, but there's a bit more of just rushing wind before anyone speaks again. ]

Right about here ought to work. What exactly'd you have in mind, oh great one?

[A slight pause, before Merlin replies, sounding slightly uncertain.]

Well. I've been doing some research, so I was hoping I might be able to smash it. I have no idea if it's actually possible and I'm thinking I should be doubting that, but I thought, why not. So if you two have any ideas, feel free to join in?

Lets stick with the classics, shall we Fred? On the count of three...

[ There's a scramble of sounds as a pair of wands are pulled out from pockets, a quiet count of 'three, two, one--', and then a slew of words that are most certainly not in English. The reverberation is a loud distortion, a crackle and a whine, so I really do hope your device wasn't turn up loud.

It's only a heartbeat later that the trio comes clattering out on the other side, grunts and oofs and brooms everywhere, but never mind any of that. ]

Bloody Hell, Merlin! What on Earth was that?

[Confused pause goes here.]

What was what?

Your magic, mate! [ And both twins chime in excitedly. ] Do it again!
17 February 2012 @ 10:17 am
[ video || from Glass City ]

Evenin' City - or is it Cities now, between the two've them? If the desert can even really be considered a city.

[ Fred gives George a look, who only responds with a shrug because who the Hell really knows what's going on anymore? ]

Ah, well. At any rate, we've noticed a great deal of you got left behind in all that tosh, so all WWW production is henceforth postponed so our services can be better put to use elsewhere.

We've got well stocked up on water, food, and blankets. If any of these are something you fancy, give us a shout. Or jump and wave your arms about until we see you. We've got brooms, and should be able to cover a good deal of ground.

So if you're in need of any rescuing, feel free to call on us. We'll go by - [ He stops, thinks for a second, and scrunches up his face. ] - the ... Weasley's Wonderful Wescue Works.

[ He looks back to George again, making a face. ]

Honestly, Fred? I think that just broke me. We can't use that.

Thought it was rubbish, yeah. What about the Beasty Broom Brigade?

[ Another look from his twin, and Fred huffs. ]

No good? Alright, then, how 'bout The ... Terrific Twin Task of Taking to the ... Sky.

[ He dwells on that last word for a moment before shaking his head with a grimace and the two of them fall into discussing other options, seemingly distracted from their original task. The feeds times out on its own. ]

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05 February 2012 @ 06:41 pm
[As many people may have been suspecting, a curse like this can't pass without everyone's favourite Twins making an appearance. They both look rather dashing, tiaras and all.]

It has always been a philosophy of ours that anyone can look smashing if they clean up and put the right amount of effort into it. Of course, it helps being as frighteningly good-looking as we are to start with.

Which is why today, we'd like to extend the unique opportunity of teaching you sorry sods how to properly dress yourselves to all the less fashion fortunate. When you've looks to triumph the Devil, it hardly matters what you decide to wear.

[ Fred grins and tips his tiara like a top hat. ]

School is now in session. Do leave your questions below.

[ooc: The Weasley Twins are better looking than you, and know it. Black is George, red is Fred.]