01 February 2012 @ 09:51 am
So much for this ending at midnight.

[Eleanor doesn't sound annoyed. Yet. Merely curious. There's the sound of papers being moved around and the general buzz of people in a coffee shop. It's her lunch break.]

None of my pens work. Each one I've tried is completely dry and when I open them, they're filled with sand. I'd ask if this was a prank but considering yesterday and today and how there seems to be more...[The sound of a cup being lifted...silence...and then sputtering.]

...ugh...why...[more coughing.] Before I left Rapture, I said I wanted to feel the sand between my toes and I have. This wasn't quite how I imagined it going, though.

[More coughing and the feed ends.]
30 January 2012 @ 09:07 am
[Eleanor is at a desk in City Solutions. She's surrounded by books, notebooks and pens and she's working hard. Reading, taking notes, cross-referencing. At one point, she sets everything down , stretching her fingers for a moment before addressing the device.]

That was quite the weekend. Is this a common occurrence here? A sudden rush of visitors from everywhere and then they vanish? [She pauses, her nose wrinkling just slightly.] That seems like a tease, all those people coming and going so quickly. How often does this occur?
26 January 2012 @ 05:47 pm
[Good afternoon, City Solutions! Are you having a nice week so far? Eleanor sure was until yesterday. Today, however, she plans to rectify this and get a job at the same time.

Sometime around noon, the speakers of City Solutions will cease whatever they were doing previously and start playing a series of lovely songs. And then, the speakers return to their typical function while Eleanor picks up the device and speaks, specifically to Mister Stark.]

Did you enjoy that, Mister Stark? I believe we need to have a conversation about a job at City Solutions.

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25 January 2012 @ 08:59 am
[Eleanor sighs, groaning slightly and the sound of a book closing follows.] This won't do at all. I have things I'm trying to accomplish and all I hear is tick-tick-tick-tick.

[There's the sound of something tapping rapidly at first before it slows, tapping along with the ticking.] Oh, for the love of--

[The tapping stops and Eleanor picks up the device.] Why is the ticking so loud today?

[Her? Sound exasperated? Never! Except for today.]

[The feed kicks on and it's recording a little kid with big blue eyes and long, brown hair. She's in a white pinafore and her hair is tied back in a ribbon. And she's grinning, practically bouncing out of her skin.]

Good morning, Mister Diary. I've woken up somewhere new, today. This is very exciting, though Mother will surely come looking for me. This probably means I should get as much exploring as I can done before she finds me. [And there's a mischievous smirk accompanying this before the device is shut off and Eleanor is off running. Find her anywhere and fair warning, she moves fast.]

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18 January 2012 @ 06:18 pm
[From one amused sounding Eleanor.]

If this is a curse, it's quite informative. And distracting. [This child has not stopped reading about Hacking since her job offer. Is that bad?]