Julie's been at the mall with R for two weeks. Or maybe more. She couldn't tell. It's not like the days were filled with fun and happiness. Not all of the. Not even one of them. There'd definitely been some fun moments, like trying to play video games between power outages and raiding the video store for movies to watch. Hunting down food when Julie was hungry. But there were also moments of terror when zombie groups came calling for R and she was left on her own.

And then, Julie started noticing R changing. His vocabulary came easier and each day a new word was added, his movements more fluid. And there was one day where he was laughing at her reaction to the power going off in the middle of a boss fight with Zeus in God of War. It was nice to see, and a bit weird, but Julie started looking for those moments when R seemed...less dead.

She wasn't the only one to notice, unfortunately.

The other Dead, they'd noticed. And they didn't like it. His usual group, the few he traveled with, they'd begun acting with hostility towards him. Excluding him on hunts, behaving in a hugely territorial fashion. Coming close to outright attacking him when he was around, but drawing back just before actual violence occurred.

So one day, when things seem like they're about to boil over ad R comes back to the Gamestop with a couple extra, minor injuries, Julie makes a decision.

For the both of them.

"We have to get out of here. You and I. It's not safe for either of us." Try to stop her now, R.