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Eighty Sixth Tune

[Voice Post]

Okay, so, I've been thinking about this a lot. The City's great! And, I didn't really get involved with the whole, you know, fighting thing? With the deities and the anonymous guys.

But the whole idea of leaving kinda makes me- well, I don't like it. Because, you know, I'm dead in my home world. Worlds, whatever. So, I paid attention to that, uh, whatever they were. There was another talking dog not like I haven't had enough of those- Anyway.

And, maybe another world wouldn't be so bad.

Not to say that I won't miss anyone back home, but most of the guys're dead too. And, City life's been really great! I've always said how great it was, but, well, maybe going to another world wouldn't be so bad if I had someone to go with? So.

Maybe I need some help deciding where that is.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Really busy lately, will backdate on this entry, and the flist, I swear! This is his tampered comment. And he will be going to his new home here: [community profile] rpisamuseing and it would be lovely if he had his friends join him.

But for now, he just wants someone to help him pick a door to go through, and someone to go through it with. ♥ Poly will be missed by characters and players alike.]

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