mumbled_truth: (And scream)
Todd Anderson ([personal profile] mumbled_truth) wrote in [community profile] poly_chromatic2014-02-28 08:56 am

║ ninety-seventh stanza ║ action / video

[ Todd is out in the square with Neil, later on in the day. They're not quite leaving just yet, so he takes just a moment to step away and write out, in very large letters, a bit of verse on the pavement with chalk, not at all far off from the doors. ]

Think not of that which lay behind you
Yet its meaning carry as you go
Think not of what you won't again see
But what awaits you do not yet know

I ask you simply; don't forget
Yet do not mourn the end
But as you find what waits you next
Smile, for you were once my friend

Todd Anderson

[ When he is finished, he turns his device on and broadcasts a video of the words, before turning the camera on himself. And he smiles, bittersweet and soft. ]

Thank you. For everything I never thought I could have.

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