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[Justin doesn't bother making a post. Neil has already articulated his thoughts on the door, and anyone who wants to find him will know that he's either at the Police Station or in Xanadu. (He would spend more time in the apartment, but the thought that Neil and Todd might end up separated if the door works is more distressing when he's around them.)

He has a bouquet of pink orchids with him. Homegrown, of course, and intended for one very specific visitor, if she comes. She has to come. If the door works, this might be his last chance to see her.

It might be his last chance to see anyone. Justin is, as usual, not optimistic about the outcome of the experiment with the door. At best, everyone with somewhere to be will leave. At worst--well, he's torn between worst-cast scenarios. Either the City could be destroyed and take everyone with it or the Anonymous Movement could force everyone out. (Okay, the first is worst, but the outcomes are equally distasteful. He would lose the only people he cares about either way.) Such lines of thought make Justin even broodier than usual, which is a significant achievement.

Maybe, for once, the worst won't happen.]

[ooc: Anything goes! No, really. Go ahead and assume that he's been available since the fourteenth.]
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[The last time she'd visited the city, Justin had been gone, but maybe on a day like today... Maybe she could find him again?

She goes to Xanadu to look. She's hopeful, but also nervous.]
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Justin? [She spins toward the voice, face lighting up.] You're here! [Hurrying toward him.]
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[And they are quickly tangled into a mass of hugging limbs. The best kind of tangle. It requires no genius just eagerness and fulfilled longing.] You were gone last time!
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[Poor orchids! They are very sweet or they will be when she manages to notice something that isn't him.] How long? [She was so sad to miss him before. She hoped he was well somehow.]
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It's not your fault. You're here now. We both are! [After all, it's usually her failing to be in the city as much as she'd like to change that.] Tell me everything.
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[ Haruhi takes in her surroundings with a predictable calm, but the calm itself is disturbed by the unease permeating the City. It's different than she remembers and while she has never been one for superstition or near relatives of that concept, she factors in the observation. Alone, she wonders how long she might be here, and alone she wanders from the heart of the City out towards Xanadu. Everything in the City she recalls with a vague certainty: certain that it happened, if fuzzy on the details. If she tries to remember names, they scatter out ahead: stones skipping and sinking before she gets to them.

Only upon seeing a face that goes with a name does she manage to trap one down and even that takes a moment of staring.

Ah yes.


Memory remains nebulous: conversations, a sense of logic and candor. These seem true.

How long has it been though? Is this the same Justin? All reasonable questions where the City is concerned. Well. Only one way to find out.

She steps closer, prefacing her intrusion otherwise with a slight 'ahm' utterance,


[ Her head tilts a little, watching him. ]