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[As usually happens on weekends like this, Jimmy's not aware that he's been cursed. No, when he turns the video on, he really thinks he has a logical reason for doing it. When he begins to speak, though, what he'd intended to say isn't at all what comes out of his mouth.]

D'you ever think about your families? About where you come from? I don't mean just, y'know, remember your mom 'n dad now and then, 'n miss 'em. I mean really think about it, about the way things might've been different if you'd been raised by someone else, or if you'd've had a different kinda life.

[He rests his chin on his hand, three fingers of which seem to be taped together in an amateurish fashion, as though they're broken.]

I guess I have been a lot today, y'know, 'cause I think I would've been a hell of a lot different if I'd've had different parents. The guy I basically considered my dad for a long time wasn't even related to me, 'n the guy that actually was my dad...

[He shakes his head dismissively.]

Anyway. Bein' stuck here kinda makes you think about home, right? About what you left behind? Maybe for some people it's better that way.

[OOC: Yes, Jimmy's been cursed this weekend, though he's not aware of it. He's got the Roots Day curse, which compels him to talk about his family and his heritage. And, apparently, to elicit discussions from other people. Good luck.]
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Is it better for you? Being here?
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He's the only part of your family that you miss?

I don't have anywhere else to be.
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I understand.

[The unpleasant family part.]

No. Maybe... I'm not sure. I don't deserve better than the City.
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Do you think that you deserve better?
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You can't know that.
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Murder. Other things I'm not proud of.
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Then maybe we're more similar than you think.
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What else have you done?
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Did he deserve it?