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one last chance to stop this now...

[Shikieiki is facing the camera in her most stiff stance, magical aura aflare. In person, she is probably 5'4" on a tall day...but now she seems like she might as well be eight feet tall with how powerful and large her aura makes her seem. Her eyes, though, are intense and open, not cold and harsh; they peer into you, whoever you may be.]

I stand for those who will not rush into battle.

I will not escalate this. I will not cry havoc against the Deities or cut down the resistance. I will take no sides. In a battle where neither army is given any information past what is required to stoke them into a rage, I refuse to take the bait.

Justice is blind, but it is not deaf. I would ask that someone, anyone, from either side, agree to some sort of diplomacy here. We need ambassadors, decorum, a process. We do not need these threats and this death.

Please give this one chance before the fabric of the City's society breaks down.

I would extend a request to both the revolutionary leaders and to the Deities to agree to a single day of diplomatic discussion between representatives of either side. This chaotic damming of information and discourse has to stop. This fighting is happening because no words are being exchanged, because neither side is showing regard for the other. Please, try, before all is said and done and the blood has been spilled.

I would also ask for help from whichever individuals are not involved in this upcoming chaos. If we have support, we can be a real voice over the screams of battle. We can form another group; we can stand for reason and action, not presumption and reaction. If you want this to not choose. No one is taking your free will from you. You do not have to choose an army to fight with, and you do not have to shed blood. We are the diplomats and the negotiators, the medics and the caretakers, the cooks and the quartermasters...but also the commanders and the honorable soldiers. We do not rush into bloodshed. We stand for civility and pride in our actions.

I also request that whoever is of similar mind on the police force, to help me in safely defusing conflict that may occur as a result of this unrest. We cannot let the City devolve into chaos. I have decided to make this a public request, so that my intentions may be known, and so that I am hiding nothing.
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You can ask for reason and civility, but you won't find it in the City.
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With those who have lost hope.