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║ ninetieth stanza ║ voice

[Todd's struggling against a member of the anonymous forces when his device activates in the scuffle, turning on the voice feature.]

I'm not doing anything for the deities, I'm just--

[His hesitation provides an opportunity to be interrupted. The voices that do so aren't quite discernible, but they're certainly not friendly.]

Not signing up for one side doesn't mean I'm on the other. I... I just don't want to fight.

[There's another response, but nothing further from Todd - there's some muffled noise of activity, though, as he makes a break for it. The transmission cuts off after a few moments.]

[ooc: backdated to weekend, sorry for life being nuts]
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Where are you?
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I can try to find you.

[Because Justin is scary and intimidating and clearly no one would mess with--oh, no. None of that is true.]
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Better that than knowing you're stranded in an alley.
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[Todd, how are those things different?]

If you're not home in half an hour, I'm coming out there to find you.
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Be careful.

[Or else.]